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Bilge Bassani
07/18/2018 01:02:36 PM
I worked with Christophe for several years, when I was the CEO of FXB Foundation. He was my most trusted senior staff. FXB Foundation and its' arm-- FXB International is a cutting edge institution with programs in 18 countries. It has changed the lives of millions of families through its innovative FXB Village model and took them out of poverty. During our work, I was impressed with Christophe's drive, motivation, emotional intelligence and empthaty. He worked closely with 400 staff from many countries around the globe and brought the best in them for higher performance and improved the effectiveness of FXB. Christophe Bagnoud is a natural Leadership Coach with emphaty and contagious drive to excel.
Camilla Hartvig
07/05/2018 01:15:42 PM
Christophe’s sound advice, guidance and leadership have been key in helping me successfully transform the EMEAC region and write the next pages of the history of Alexion. His international perspective and experience allow him to navigate a complex region, to build strong relationships with Country and General Managers and with the regional Leadership Team. He is a trusted and respected partner, coach, mentor and sounding board for executives.
Camilla Hartvig, Senior Vice-President, EMEAC, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Orlando Gemignani
06/21/2018 12:52:28 PM
In the short time I’ve known Christophe, he has demonstrated to be an exceptional leader. He is enthusiastic, creative, and strategic; and he uses these strengths to develop and implement successful new initiatives. He is highly self-motivated and thrives on new challenges. I had the fortune to become somehow a Mentor to Chris in his professional transition and exploration and learned quickly about his positive energy and consistent follow through (very Swiss!). He will add significant value to any organization and as a Coach he will be able to guide professionals to a higher level of performance and self-awareness. What’s most important is that as his Mentor, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from him and his ability to pursue his own challenging paths.
Orlando Gemignani, Senior Global Consultant
Micki McMillan
05/20/2018 03:41:37 PM
Christophe has proven himself to be a very special coach. HIs compassion, wisdom and kindness match his vast global leadership experience in a unique and powerful way. As he embraces the coaching profession, he does so with courage, competence and a powerful offer for those who seek a global coach.
Micki McMillan, M.Ed., MCC
CEO and Founding Partner, Blue Mesa Coaching
Grainne Higgins
05/20/2018 03:35:52 PM
I have worked with Christophe for a number of years on two different continents and through many complex change management situations. I have always found him to be a highly effective business partner who uses his intuitive listening skills to understand business challenges and develop and execute business oriented solutions. He is cross culturally savvy, empathetic and someone who builds lasting,trusting relationships. These skills have enabled him to become an invaluable coach to many leaders across the business. He has a keen eye for talent and invests significantly in thoughtful selection and development of talent, both on his own international HR team but also across all functions of the company.
Grainne Higgins, Independent Global Human Resource Consultant & Coach and former VP, Human Resource at Alexion Pharmaceuticals
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