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Deiric McCann
05/20/2018 03:33:02 PM
I first talked to Christophe in 2017 when he was starting on his project to become a full-time coach. We discussed his interest for Emotional Intelligence and the Genos certification as well as the Google SIY Trainer Program on Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness. Through regular discussions, I have mentored him along his journey and I am impressed by his drive, curiosity, learning agility and motivation. I am looking forward to continuing our exchange.
Deiric MaCann, Head of International at Genos International and co-author of Leadership Charisma
Eduardo Gutierrez
05/20/2018 03:23:45 PM
I had the great pleasure to find in Christophe the best HR business partner I could ever had during my roles of General Manager Brazil and Head of Latin America. Christophe is incredibly bright, thoughtful and insightful. He brings a very high level of emotional intelligence, which together with other competencies, has enabled him to influence others at high levels of the organization, while he was able to develop strong trusting relationships with leaders from the business and within his Corporate function. Christophe is a great listener, eager to learn new things, and he is always ready to take on new challenges. He is very proactive in finding solutions, even with very limited resources, and thinks things through very carefully, but without sacrificing sense of urgency. In all his interactions, at any level within the organization, he comes across as warm, adaptable, and considerate leader, with highest levels of integrity and healthy balance between his genuine care for others and business needs. Christophe was able, with his big heart, authenticity, humility and perseverance to gain admiration and respect of everyone in Latin America. He was a source of inspiration not only for his direct HR team but also within the business. I am very grateful for all his dedication to personally support me with my professional development, through many hours of challenging and fun coaching, and invaluable advice.
Eduardo Gutierrez, former VP Latin America at Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Dominic Moorhead
05/19/2018 09:34:30 PM
Christophe has been an outstanding HR business partner, and was an important member of the team in starting-up our molecular diagnostic business in Europe. In particular he has demonstrated: a broad experience of HR practices, provider of sound advice, adaptable to business needs, thorough & persistent in dealing with difficult issues, always ready for a challenge, eager to learn about the business, and importantly people like working with him. Notably Christophe also took on a special project to set-up our customer service, and was successful in applying his skills to this unique opportunity.
Dominic Moorhead, CFO Ferring Pharmaceuticals and former CEO of Caris Life Science Europe
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